Your call center representatives

As you consider making a purchase, Hewlett Packard Enterprise wants to provide answers to all your questions. Use this directory to find the people assigned to your agency to help you with product information, configurations, pricing, and ordering.

Dept of Energy Support
Customer Support 844-579-4351
Ron Chittum
HPC - DOE 719-359-3089
Sandy Curry
DOE Labs, NASA 404-648-2339
Daryl Mair
HPC - DOE 407-312-8108
Monish Parab
DOE West, NASA 408-623-9514
Shannon Watson
Inside Sales Representative 972-992-1654

Hours of Operation

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
(Central Time)
Monday through Friday

For sales, call (844) 842-4584

For order status and customer service, call 1-800-277-8988

For product or technical support, visit our Tech Support site.